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Naturally aspirated BMW's are finely tuned for maximum performance from the factory. With out forced induction modifications such as turbos or superchargers, your BMW has it's limitations to the average shop. At Dr. Beemer we believe there are low cost effective modifications that add throttle response, drivability, and handling that add more of the "driving machine" factor to your BMW/Mini.

Exhaust: The factory exhaust on most BMW's weighs 110-140 pounds. With a custom or prefabricated exhaust from one of our vendors not only do you gain the German growl, but free up a few ponies and the most important, shaving off 50-70 pounds off your car. For every 100 pounds removed you take 1/10th of a second off quarter mile times and your BMW/Mini's handing is greatly improved.

Intake and Software upgrades(chips): One without the other is negligible in power gains. But with a cold air intake you must change or "re-map" the factory ECU setting to adapt to the greater flow of air coming into the throttle body. Gains from both can be as great as 15 HP, but by themselves no more than 5 HP each.

Suspension: Replacing your worn suspension components is key to keeping your BMW & Mini safe and fun. Worn suspension parts can cause excessive poor tire wear, poor braking, and even slower launches or take offs. We have vendors with suspension products ranging from Bilstein to full blown racing coil over kits for every model that are either great for replacing older parts or just upgrading the stock components.

Driveline/Transmission: Upgrading or replacing your stock flywheel, clutch or rear differential is one of the most instant power feed backs you can feel. A lightweight flywheel doesn't add horse power but frees up weight from your heavy rotating steel stock flywheel and increases RPM's on your engine because the engine is using less power to turn the crank. Rev's are quicker and down shifting is also quicker. By changing your rear differential final drive ratio from stock 2:91 or 3:06 to a 3:38 or 3:46 is an instant 25-30 feet pounds of torque gain. Our vendors even carry limited slip differentials which increases grip in cornering compared to the stock open diff(M cars have limited slip units)

Exterior Upgrades: Adding angel eyes, LED turn signals or replacing your worn/plain looking halogen tail lights with clear bright LED's is a great way to add taste, function and safety to your BMW/MINI. Also adding rear lip spoilers or M-Tech(M-style) bumpers gives your plain BMW a more aggressive/sportier look.

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